Personal information
Pavle Asatiani
9, Sulkhan Tsintsadze Str., 0194, Tbilisi, Georgia
(+995 32) 238-90-48; (+995 555) 989899

Work Experience:
2005 – present Full professor, Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems, Georgian Technical University (GTU)
Physics of High-performance computing, information and communication technology
1972-2006 E. Andronikashvili Institute of Physics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, scientific worker engaged in the condensed matter physics and history of science and technology
1977-1986 deputy chief of the Scientific and Technical Information Department of the Institute of Physics; scientific worker, and liaison officer; deputy chief of the Georgian Center of International Nuclear Information System of International Agency of Atomic Energy (INIS IAEA) of UNO
1966-1969 Engineer of the Scientific Research Institute of the Semiconductor Device Construction, expert engineer engaged in design and construction of integrated elements for WMD missiles delivery systems computing; Construction of MOS field transistor with circulation ring geometry, successfully examined on cosmic apparatus (1968)
1967-1975 Assistant professor of the Faculty of Engineering physics (GTU)
1967-2006 Scientific secretary of the Council of History of Science and Technology at the Presidium of the Georgian Academy of Sciences
1998-2006 Vice-chairman of the same Council (up to 2006) – Scientific Advisor of the Government of Georgia (1998-present)
1996-1998 Expert in notary field of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia

1959-1965 Faculty of Physics of Tbilisi State University (TSU), speciality – Quantum Radiophysics
15-17 May, 1961 As a second year student of Faculty of Physics (TSU) disciple of Nobel Prize winner, Niels Bohr during his visit in Tbilisi (Georgia) in the unity of knowledge, reflected (see below sphere of interests) in the unity of knowledge paradigm and united methodology of information analysis and synthesis (universal intelligence operations)
1969-1972 Post-graduate studentship (working for PhD degree) under leadership of professor E. Andronikashvili at the Chair of Experimental Physics of TSU in the Condensed Matter Physics (Physics of Superfluids) – E. Rutherford – P. Kapitsa international scientific school; defense of PhD thesis in “Establishment of Fundamental Ideas of Superfluidity Thinking” (Low-temperature Physics and History of Science and Technology) reviewers disciple of professor L. Landau, prof. A. Patashinsky; blind peer-reviewers – prof. academician V. Ginzburg (later Nobel Prize winner) with his laboratory scientists;
1977-1979 I. Chavchavadze Tbilisi State Institute of Foreign Languages (English language department)
1999-2000 Full academic course of the Tbilisi Economic and Humanitatian Institute, Juridical department majoring in Law with qualification of Lawyer

Personal skills:
Languages:               Georgian (native), Russian, English (fluent)

International experience:
Intergovernment expert in the information (as a system of relations) and communication technology, high-performance computing in the framework of WMD scientists supporting intergovernment agreements (EU, USA, RF, Japan, Norway, Georgia) INIS IAEA UNO

Sphere of scientific-educational interests:
natural computing, quantum circulation based physical fundamentals of computing and technologies – unity of knowledge relating to the united physical-information field reflected in more than 40 scientific works (1966-present), new architecture of Internet based on circulation quanta oriented on the peaceful conversion of weapons (WMD) expertise to peaceful purposes in the framework of weapons scientists supporting intergovernment agreements approved and supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences (Grant-2005), Georgian Academy of Sciences (Grant-1997) intergovernment weapons scientists supporting agreements, Georgian government (1966-2018) and European Parliament (2015-2017)